Lonyo Chemica is a trustable partner in chemical business, not only because we supply qualified products within customers’ budget, also we focus on service experience that our customers would get from the moment that they link with us, we proceed under the vision of “CREATE. MORE”, as we well know to create more extra values to our customers, is how we could win in the extensive market, to achieve this goal, our work is operated by the policy as “3Q+1R”


Quick Response, whenever customers have needs from us, our sales team member will be available in touch shortly.

Quick Delivery, we have sufficient stock, the delivery and shipment will be in the soonest.

Quick Update, from the market trend, to the export operation, we share every key info with customers in the first second to help them make right judgement and decision.

Responsible, not only for above every aspect, but also for all the issues our customers may meet in the after-sales.